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Michael Jackson "Moonwalker" Movie Poster

Michael Jackson "Moonwalker" Movie Poster And Movie News

Moonwalker, also known as Michael Jackson: Moonwalker, is an American film released in 1988 by singer Michael Jackson.

Rather than featuring one continuous narrative, the film is a collection of short films about Jackson, several of which are long-form music videos from Jackson's Bad album. The film is named after the dance technique known as the moonwalk, which was one of his trademark moves. The name of the dance move was dubbed by the media, not by Jackson himself; however, he did choose the title of the film himself.

The release of Moonwalker was originally scheduled to coincide with Jackson's 1987 album, Bad. During the theatrical release of Moonwalker, Jackson was also embarking on his first tour as a solo performer. Moonwalker was not released until January 10, 1989 on Home Video in the United States and Canada, just as Michael Jackson's Bad World Tour finished. His tour was supposed to finish sooner, but postponed due to some vocal strain, so it went on until the last week of January 1989. The film was released theatrically in Europe and South America, but Warner Brothers canceled plans for a theatrical release in the U.S. for Christmas 1988. The video sold more than 800,000 copies in the U.S by April 17, 1989.

Directed by :Jerry Kramer,
Will Vinton (segment "Speed Demon)
Jim Blashfield (segment "Leave Me Alone"),
Colin Chilvers (segment "Smooth Criminal")

Produced by :Frank DiLeo,
Michael Jackson
Dennis E. Jones
Jerry Kramer
Will Vinton (segment "Speed Demon")

Written by :Michael Jackson (story) (segment "Smooth Criminal")
David Newman (screenplay) (segment "Smooth Criminal")

Starring :Michael Jackson
Joe Pesci
Sean Lennon
Kellie Parker
Brandon Quintin Adams

Music by :Michael Jackson
Bruce Broughton

Cinematography :Thomas E. Ackerman
Robert E. Collins
Frederick Elmes
John Hora
Crescenzo Notarile

Editing by :Dale Beldin
David E. Blewitt
Mitchell Sinoway

Studio :Ultimate Productions

Distributed by :Warner Bros. Pictures

Release date(s) :December 26, 1988 (UK)
January 10, 1989 (USA home video)

Running time :93 min

Country :United States

Language :English


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